From 1,000 Euros all Included !

International Process Servers by the Hague Convention or Not

Serving Legal Process within Europe and Eurasia

The Hague in the Netherlands

We are International Process Servers and Statutory agents for Civil and Commercial matters within the European Economical Community. Our International Service of Process is compliant with the Hague Conventions of 1954 and 1965, we serve either by formal or informal method, but mostly by the alternative private methods proposed in art.10. of the Convention and we also serve by E.E.C regulation 1393/2007 Art. 15, 1348/2000 our service is backup by Legal  Professional Associations with Insurance, Credentials and References.

We  also serve in none Hague Convention signatory countries as "Legal Couriers", compliant with U.S. or Canadian rules of Civil Procedure. Often expressly named or designated  as "Special process servers" for difficult situations.