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International Expert Witness and Mediators

International Expert opinion

Another service we propose is the finding and hiring of Expert Witnesses arranging all necessary aspects of their depositions or dictamen.

International Experts serve also as  "Out of Court" settlements submitted to European Courts to obtain a "Judicial Court of Justice Value", similar to an Arbitrator decision Judicial backup.

As part of this service often we "Retrieve documents" or "Special Reports" to be use in a foreign Court by "Legalizing or Authenticating" these documents as an International Judicial Instrument without a "subpoena", that is to say privately obtained evidence.

We can arrange for any kind of "Judicial Assistance" including acceleration of "Juditial Processes" in Europe in all kinds of matters reducing the "Waiting time" by the same token we can act as "Judiciary, Judicial and Juridical Comptrollers" bringing the maximum guarantees to a foreign litigant that the law of procedure are respected.

As "Statutory Agents" we serve not only as a "Contract point of service" but also as "Judiciary documents reception agent or point of notifications",